Sunday, 21 February 2010

Photograph fourty three
21th February 2010

snowimg AGAIN, gahh snow go away.
Photograph fourty two
20th February 2010

I taught tilly how to sit :)
Photograph fourty one
19th February 2010

LOL emily will kill me if she sees this, but only picture i took that day :)
Photograph fourty
18th February 2010

A piece of my school art work.
Photograph thirty nine
17th February 2010

You may of noticed alot of my pictures have been taken outside lately.
I just seem to be spending alot more time in the garden with my dog tilly.
Photograph thirty eight
16th February 2010
Photograph thirty seven
15th February 2010

It took me ages to get it to focus on the raindrop but i couldnt decide which was best :/